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The 1st FDA Point of Care EUA Cleared

Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits

get your staff back to work with confidence

  • The 1st  POC COVID-19 Antibody rapid test kit cleared by FDA.

  • After rigorous testing, our COVID-19 rapid test kits are proven reliable and accurate.

  • Our whole blood/serology tests detect for antibodies of the virus and COVID-19 infection.

  • So you have all the resources you need to keep Covid-19 testing on hand for your medical practice.

  • Provides the resource necessary to keep your patients and community safe with the knowledge of immediate results available for accurate and immediate infection results.

  • Please contact us for the clinical literature.

  • Our Rapid Covid-19 tests provide accurate results in 10-15 minutes.

  • You will not need to wait days or longer on COVID-19 testing. Our COVID-19 antibody test kits can be shipped immediately, if you order it now.

  • You can start testing ASAP to ensure peace of mind in your community.

  • Our Rapid Covid 19 test kit provides you the confidence that your patients, employees and families have reliable and accurate results in minutes.

  • Will be shipped by all major carries.

Affordable for Everybody
  • With our test capability, we offer COVID-19 antibody test kits at a much lower price than any of our competitors in the market. Our testing kits eliminate the unreliable and uncomfortable nasal swabs testing to a more accurate and immediate results.

  • We are dedicated to meeting the needs of large organizations and the volume needed to ensure the safety of their staff.

The COVID-19 tests' average PPA/sensitivity is 95.7%, and NPA/specificity is 99.04%.

For more info, please download the Performance Characteristics.

For international Business:

Please contact Aaron Ma


We bring your business, organization or government the most accurate COVID-19 test kit at the most affordable rate available on the market.

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Let IOB Medical be your testing partner.

IOB Medical test kits offer a quick, reliable and affordable Rapid Covid-19 testing for organizations that require volume of results to keep your community, plant or office safe during the pandemic.

IOB Medical may help you lower your healthcare costs.

Our COVID-19 antibody test kits are the most effective rapid results test on the market.


Our kits are:

  • FDA EUA cleared

  • POC Rapid Tests cleared by FDA

  • CE Marked

  • Provide rapid results in 10-15 minutes

  • Can be purchased in large quantity up to 10 million kits

  • 24-months shelf life

  • Clinically proven high accuracy and sensitivity for infection of the virus.

Our COVID-19 antibody test kits

POC Clearance Letter from FDA

What does POC cleared mean ?

This authorization means finger stick blood samples can now be tested in POC settings adhering to clinical protocols for testing.

Ecotest POC-image2-72.png

COVID19 IGG / IGM Rapid Test Kit​


To support public health and safety we are offering a proven cost effective FDA EUA authorized and POC cleared coronavirus test kit to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

  • FDA EUA Authorized

  • FDA POC Authorized

  • Rapid results in 10-15 minutes

  • Sold in boxes of 20, carton of 32 boxes

  • 24 months shelf life

IgG - These antibodies indicate that you may have had Covid-19 in the recent past and have developed antibodies that may protect you from future infection. 
IgM - A positive IgM test indicates that you may have been infected and that your immune system has started responding to the virus. IgM is the key detection of early infection of Covid-19.
Antibody IgMIgG.png

Additional Resources​

  • Instruction for Use

  • Quick Reference Card

  • Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

  • Fact Sheet for Healthcare Recipients

  • Performance Characteristics

  • Product Borchure (IOB POC Antibody Tests)



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